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Thiết bị ngừng động cơ băng tải dạng giật dây Matsushima

Đại lý phân phối Matsushima/Japan tại Việt Nam

Mời quý khách tham khảo một số model khác:

Công tắc dừng khẩn cấp băng tải dạng dật giâyERTD-50Matsushima VietnamCảm biến báo rách băng tảiSCPT SeriesMatsushima VietnamBộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu cảm biến báo rách băng tảiAEDC-12LC2Matsushima VietnamCông tắc báo lệch băng tảiELAP-20Matsushima VietnamCông tắc báo lệch băng tảiELADP-22Matsushima VietnamThiết bị giám sát điều chỉnh độ lệch băng tảiHAB-MC-050Matsushima VietnamThiết bị giám sát điều chỉnh độ lệch băng tảiHAB-MC-060Matsushima VietnamThiết bị giám sát điều chỉnh độ lệch băng tảiHAB-MC-075Matsushima VietnamThiết bị giám sát điều chỉnh độ lệch băng tảiHAB-MC-090Matsushima VietnamThiết bị giám sát điều chỉnh độ lệch băng tảiHAB-MC-100Matsushima VietnamThiết bị giám sát điều chỉnh độ lệch băng tảiHAB-MC-105Matsushima VietnamThiết bị giám sát điều chỉnh độ lệch băng tảiHAB-MC-120Matsushima VietnamThiết bị giám sát điều chỉnh độ lệch băng tảiHAB-MC-135Matsushima…
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Đại lý Teclock Vietnam - TMP Vietnam

Measuring hardness with Durometer
1. In case of measuring by pushing by hand, putting pressurized surface of durometer held by hand from the top vertically with a certain speed to the flat face of work piece which is put on the flat face . Then, after adhering it, regard the value measured within the passed time prescribed by standard as “hardness”.
2. In case of measuring hardness by mounting durometer to stand, measuring speed (not more than 3.2mm/sec.), pressurized load (type A, E is 1kgf, type D is 5kgf) and pressurized surface diameter (φ18mm) of type A / D durometers including tolerance are standardized.
3. Measuring point of test piece is to be inside from its edge by 12mm or more and clearance is to be 6mm and more. Thickness is normally 6mm and more, and 10mm and more for type E.
4. Test environment : Temperature is 23℃±2, humidity is 50±5% and median or average is applied for measured value. If 50 show in type A case, it is described[A50]. These are ruled for each standard.

Máy đo độ cứng tự động Teclock GX 02 - Teclock vietnam

Automatic Hardness Tester GX-02series
Automatic hardness tester [GX-02 series] can perform the measurement with the operating speed, the measuring weight and the pressing-surface dimensions which are specified in JIS K 6253 “Determination of hardness - Vulcanized rubber and Thermoplastic rubber”.
Outline This product is the automatic hardness meter. The hardness measurement is able to be done with the button- touch by a built-in motor. This product is dedicated for Digital durometer sensor [GSS-619/GS-620/GSS-621]. The product equips the measuring modes of 3 types. The control part pursues the clarity and easiness of use by adopting a touch panel
Main features Measuring modes: 3 types Normal mode (the maximum value is acquirable), Test time mode (the median value and mean value are calculated), PC mode (operable by PC by using the dedicated software)

Xi lanh khí nén BC8*X Koganei - Đại lý phân phối Koganei Vietnam

Xilanh dẫn hướng Koganei - Đại lý Koganei tại việt nam

Các model Xy lanh có thanh dẫn Koganei:
ATBDA10x10Koganei vietnamATBDA10x20Koganei vietnamATBDA10x30Koganei vietnamATBDA10x40Koganei vietnamATBDA10x50Koganei vietnamATBDA10x60Koganei vietnamATBDA10x70Koganei vietnamATBDA10x80Koganei vietnamATBDA10x90Koganei vietnamATBDA10x100Koganei vietnamATBDA16x10Koganei vietnamATBDA16x20Koganei vietnamATBDA16x30Koganei vietnamATBDA16x40Koganei vietnamATBDA16x50Koganei vietnamATBDA16x60Koganei vietnamATBDA16x70Koganei vietnamATBDA16x80Koganei vietnamATBDA16x90Koganei vietnamATBDA16x100Koganei vietnamATBDA20x10Koganei vietnamATBDA20x20Koganei vietnamATBDA20x30Koganei vietnamATBDA20x40Koganei vietnamATBDA20x50Koganei vietnamATBDA20x60Koganei vietnamATBDA20x70Koganei vietnamATBDA20x80Koganei vietnamATBDA20x90Koganei vietnamATBDA20x100Koganei vietnamATBDA25x10Koganei vietnamATBDA25x20Koganei vietnamATBDA25x30Koganei vietnamATBDA25x40Koganei vietnamATBDA25x50Koganei vietnamATBDA25x60Koganei vietnamATBDA25x70Koganei vietnamATBDA25x80Koganei vietnamATBDA25…

Đại lý ủy quyền Koganei tại Việt Nam - Van khí nén Koganei Vietnam

Lê Huy Lâm ( Mr ) [Cellphone]: 0915.493.164 – 0915.031.817 [Email] [Zalo]: 0163.2844.226
Koganei VietnamCode: 180-4E1-PSL(180-E41-PSL) Koganei VietnamCode: VA250AKoganei VietnamCode: 181E1-AC200VKoganei VietnamCode: CDAT32*5*10Koganei VietnamCode: TBDA10*40Koganei VietnamCode: TBDA10*40Koganei VietnamCode: CS4MBKoganei VietnamCode: MED07-E2-E-DC24VKoganei VietnamCode: KSHE6X10Koganei VietnamCode: RDN100-J4Koganei  VietnamBDALS6X10Air CylinderKoganei  Vietnam2 CBDAS25X10-B-7Koganei  Vietnam030-4E1-AC100V ( correct code)Koganei  VietnamBDALS6X10Air CylinderKoganei  Vietnam2 CBDAS25X10-B-7Koganei  Vietnam030-4E1-AC100V ( correct code)Koganei VietnamModel: 180-4E2-PSL-DC24VWeight: 1600 gramKoganei VietnamModel: 110-4E2-PSL-DC24VWeight: 2600 gramKoganei VietnamModel: 180E1-PSL-DC24VWeight: 1100 gramKoganei VietnamModel: 110-4E1-PSL-DC24VWeight: 1600 gramKoganei VietnamModel: 110-4E1-PSL-DC24VWeight: 1700 gramKoganei VietnamModel: FR600-03Wieght: 600 gramKoganei VietnamMod…